Trauma-informed Spiritual Awakening


Visionary. Psychic. Reflector.

Tanin is a Spiritual Mentor, Psychic Healer, and Intuitive Business Advisor for high-powered conscious entrepreneurs and healers.

Spiritual Business Coach

Tanin's work is based on the fundamentals of Consciousness, Quantum Physics, Somatic Attachment Repair, Neuroscience, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Integrative Health, the Psychology of the Chakras, Energetic Awareness, Trauma-Informed Embodiment, Quantum Meditation & Transformational Breathwork.

Tanin supports her clients in deep spiritual healing, trauma integration, personal transformation, & human optimization.

Spiritual Business Coach. Psychic. Energy Healer.


Tanin integrates spiritual growth with logistical problem-solving. You will never find another coach who can address your limiting beliefs and create a spreadsheet for your business in the same session. She is an absolute wealth of knowledge. She made me aware of my negative self-talk, making myself small for others, and my overwhelming lack of personal boundaries. Tanin was able to teach me the life-changing effects of positive reframing and trusting my intuitive knowledge.

And what truly blew me away was all her scientific evidence for everything she teaches. In short, Tanin awakened me to my full potential. I can now truly feel my own energy and have learned how to embody that energy to manifest all my desires. 

Beyond her teachings, Tanin is one of the most generous and loving humans I have ever met. I instantly felt warmth from her and it only grew.  She guided me through some really tough situations/issues with compassion and grace. Her honesty and openness is inspiring. I hired a coach and ended up with a friend and mentor. I will be forever grateful.

- Jennifer Maloni


My intention

My intention is to help people develop an unshakable faith in themselves & their vision so they have the power within themselves to go after their divine purpose. When you have such a strong conviction within yourself about who you're here to be and what you're here to create, that faith becomes greater than any fear. & it will be the underlying fabric of your life when times get challenging.

I am here to support the next generation of Spiritual Leaders & Healers that are inspired to alleviate suffering and awaken human consciousness. I've developed my signature 6-month Trauma-Informed Spiritual Awakening Certification to teach the science behind spirituality, manifestation, and miracles so that we can create a society where we can all understand Peace.

My legacy is creating a world where we all learn how to process our past traumas, have greater compassion for ourselves and others, and have the courage to live lives that are authentic, expansive, and life-giving. 

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we change the world as a result of who we become

If I could leave one mark on the world, it would be to normalize spirituality and bring it into the households of millions worldwide. It would be to help the world remember that behind the thoughts that control their mind, deep within the wisdom of their bodies, there is this infinite and eternal source that they can tap into and channel through them which is the truth of who they are: Consciousness.