You know your soul is here for a
greater purpose

The Energetic Revolution™ Trauma-Informed Spiritual Healer Certification -  but it's not only for Spiritual Healers. This is for anyone on their awakening journey. It is a 7-month journey designed to advance your fundamental skills of conscious awareness, emotional intelligence, trauma-healing, intuitive decision-making, conscious relating, psychic perception, & understanding of quantum reality.

The Energetic Revolution will give you the tools to forever guide you into deeper states of soul embodiment, spiritual awakening, and personal transformation. Whether you're a Coach, Healer, Parent, Spiritual Devotee, or desiring a deeper level of alignment in your life - by understanding the psychology of energetic healing, the science of spirituality, and embodying expanded states of awareness you will allow your intuitive channel to receive insight to support deep healing, magnetic manifestation, liberation & embodied freedom.

& you know this journey begins with you...

This program is designed for you to become an expert at facilitating trauma-informed spiritual transformation by first going through your own personal healing, expansive awakening, and a profoundly transformational experience.

You will master the art of spiritual awakening in such a way that you feel confident in your ability to create the life of your dreams & access deeper states of authentic power & freedom while doing it.

This experience is unlike anything out there

Spiritual awakening & trauma healing can feel chaotic, unpredictable, and scary at times. No two people will ever have the same experience. The unique component about this methodology is that it can be successfully applied to any individual at any stage of their healing & awakening journey to support them in actualizing their way to inner peace & freedom.


These frameworks will absolutely change your life - for the rest of your life.










/ rev·o·lu·tion (n) /

: A sudden, radical, and complete change

The Energetic Revolution is based on the fundamentals of...

⟡ Consciousness Studies ⟡ Trauma-Healing ⟡ Mental & Nervous System Regulation, Repair, & Re-wiring ⟡ Quantum Manifestation ⟡ Early Childhood Psycho-Spiritual Development ⟡ Somatic Attachment Repair ⟡ Post-Traumatic Stress Recovery ⟡ Expanded Awake Awareness ⟡ Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) ⟡ Quantum Physics ⟡ Neuroscience ⟡ Bio-Energetic Healing ⟡ Ancient Eastern Medicine ⟡  Epigenetics ⟡ Integrative Health ⟡ Matrix Re-imprinting ⟡  Internal Family Systems ⟡ Inherited Family Trauma ⟡ Multi-Dimensional Healing ⟡ Empowered Leadership ⟡ Yoga ⟡ Neuroimmunology ⟡Spiritual Awakening ⟡ Soul Embodiment  Breathwork ⟡ Meditation ⟡ Tantra ⟡ Shamanism ⟡

Don't just take my word for it...

Kate H. Transformational Journey,
Graduate of The Energetic Revolution


Everything you need to master your
spiritual awakening is right here.

We are always growing, expanding, shifting, and changing - what if you knew how to evolve with way more ease?

The Energetic Revolution will teach you how to transform your reality. This methodology will give you a framework to be able to quantum leap through your challenges by tuning into greater possibilities, identifying your limitations, liberating your negative emotions, and aligning with your deepest desires.

Your power to create the life of your dreams is within you.

More Love. More Joy.
More Freedom. More Bliss.

When you feel confident in your ability to lead yourself through any challenge that arises, you create the foundation of an abundant lifestyle, the most fulfilling relationships, a successful career path, and a lasting sense of peace even in life's darkest moments.

Derek & Melissa Johnson's Transformation,
The Energetic Revolution Graduates


Expand into realms of infinite possibility

the magic IS YOURS

⟢  Miracles and synchronicities are a regular occurrence in your life..!?

⟢ Freedom, ease, and abundance to a level you never thought possible...!?!?

⟢ The painful personality structures, shadows, parts, patterns, and strategies that you developed to survive melt away....?!?!?!?

⟢ Your Authentic Soulful Self shines through every action, decision, and manifestation you create!?!?!?!?!


... this could be you.

Leoni Parkinson's Transformation,
Certified Trauma-Informed Spiritual Healer
through The Energetic Revolution


Experience the rEvolution

it could change your life, forever.

When you change your energy, 

you change your life.

- Dr. Joe Dispenza 




24 / 7 Access to All Course content ...

  • 800+ Stunning and inspiring slides & visuals with rEvolutionary concepts.
  • 100+ hours of Video Content
  • Guided, transformational breathwork ceremonies to move that s***!
  • 20+ Simple & effective assignments to embody course concepts & transform your life 


  • Weekly live teaching transmissions & group coaching calls (Tuesdays & Thursdays) with Tanin
  • A supportive, loving Telegram group to connect, explore your deepest trauma & discover your highest heights.
  • & an optional 3-day in-person training in Boulder, CO for deeply transformational spiritual healing experiences & advanced energetic technique training. 

๛Oh, & the curriculum everyone's talking about...? 

Preview the course modules below...


What you wish they taught you in school...

The Energetic Revolution™ was created to demystify spiritual living through the language of the Logical Mind — Science & Psychology  We have entered into a time in history where science is beginning to prove what ancient mystics, healers, and gurus have been practicing for thousands of years.

The divine perfection & interconnection of all of life.

The intention is to dissolve one of the greatest barriers to the expansion of human consciousness, embodied liberation, and the experience of freedom from suffering: intellectual doubt. 

The purpose of The Energetic Revolution™ is to contextualize spiritual Truths through a unique system that can be practiced to support transcending beyond your Logical Mind, Ego’s Protective Personality, and heal past traumas by understanding advanced awakening tools and healing techniques. You will develop a strong relationship with this Intelligent Life-Force Energy we're all connected to and experience what Intuitive Living & Embodied Surrender actually feels like in your life.

This is a deeply transformative spiritual self-mastery program.

When our Logical Mind can conceptualize spiritual awakening, this lays the foundation of understanding to trust your unique awakening process necessary to become embodied in a state of peaceful surrender, operating from your Intuitive Mind, living as your Authentic Soulful Self. 

Through this experience, you will come to know yourSelf & have the tools to become an Awakened Being. As you elevate and stablize your energy at higher levels of consciousness (love, joy, peace), you become a vessel of transformation, healing, and abundance for the world just from your being.

⟢ more client stories ⟢

At the beginning of this program in January 2020, I was hoping to successfully address, navigate, resolve and overcome deeply rooted 
emotional family trauma and PTSD from early adolescence. I had
been unable to successfully cope/feel/process/release past feelings and memories that
were stirred-up during bi-monthly psychotherapy “talk therapy” sessions. 
I also wanted to master my emotions better and release some anger/resentment to help improve my relationships with coworkers, family and friends.

I successfully accomplished all of this after the program and currently feel lighter, happier, more joyful, trusting, compassionate, and free.

I feel more at peace, whole, content, and at home with myself. I am prepped, ready, and armed with the tools to tackle big emotional upheaval or everyday issues life presents that have drained me in the past. I’m more relaxed, open-minded, and loving and crave more inspiring, uplifting, soul-nourishing activities. My heart is WAY more open and my mind stretches easily to ask “What else is possible in this situation?”

Elise M.

I wouldn’t spend money on anything else!

I’m a licensed therapist and I got more out of this course than any amount of therapy or studies I have learned as a practicing therapist.

I had a lot of shame and self-worth issues, and honestly, my outlook on life was if I have to be here, I guess I’ll exist.

Now I feel empowered to learn, to connect spiritually, to find joy in simplicities, and to enjoy the stillness and take moments for myself (despite being a mom to three girls at very different stages in life).

If you’re searching for a way to connect to yourself and understand your purpose, in a loving and informational way… I wouldn’t look anywhere else! 

Shannon K.

I was feeling very stuck. I was in a job that wasn’t serving me but I was too afraid to leave and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.  I experienced a lot of anxiety and did not have a strong sense of self.  I had big dreams and goals but had no idea how to actually make them reality.  I also had a lot of heavy emotions blocking me that I didn’t know I had. It felt like there was a brick wall in front of me that I kept running into but couldn’t get past.  I knew I was a healer and I didn’t know how to share my gifts with the world.

Fast forward, I have left my job, fully launched my health coaching business, and have become emotionally lighter.  Tanin helped me release dense emotions that were holding me back and gave me the tools on how to process emotions when they come up, introduced me to breathwork, and helped me with business strategy.  I also have awakened a psychic gift I didn’t know I had.  I had no idea that psychic gifts could open up once you let go of heavy emotions.  I have been receiving guidance from past loved ones and seeing synchronicities EVERYWHERE.  This was never my intention but it has been completely amazing and life-changing!  She helped me discover my sensitive and empathic nature, and that sometimes you have to slow down to speed up.  Because of her, I was able to get out of the hustle mentality and embrace my femininity.  I feel more aligned with my purpose and connected to the universe.  I have a much stronger sense of self. 

Corinne C.

I was quick to react and had a very short fuse. Now I take a big picture approach and utilize the emotional guidance scale. Whenever I felt overwhelmed, I would ignore the current situation completely until I had no choice but to face the music and took care of it at that moment. It is safe to say that I have not felt overwhelmed since. I have a deeper understanding and feeling of security about myself and my life. In addition, I am much more compassionate and have a higher level of awareness for other people’s suffering. Rather than arguing or judging another person for making me angry, I ask questions to gain a better understanding of where they are coming from and how it may affect/trigger them.

Veronique S.

Life feels like bliss! What I have learned in this program reveals itself and challenges me throughout my day, rewarding me in new ways all the time. I feel so much more grateful and free from heavy feelings that have been weighing me down for years. I can shed emotions that aren’t serving my purpose much more quickly and focus on things that bring me closer to what’s important to me. The people I have met through this program inspire me and I can’t thank you enough for all of the support and love you have shown me in this group and since I have met you. After taking your course I feel more confident than ever that I can handle whatever obstacles or challenges may come my way, both personal and professional, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Sydney B.


If you feel a curiosity within you, trust it...

it could change your life, forever.

Jen's Transformation,
Artist & Photographer



YES! I'm ready for a revolution

Freedom awaits you...

meet your

Tanin Matin is the Founder & CEO of The Energetic Revolution™. The Energetic Revolution’s Trauma-Informed Spiritual Awakening Certification Program teaches the art of accelerated Trauma-Informed Spiritual Awakening through a proven methodology to actualize your full potential as a Spiritual Being.

Tanin is a Multi-Dimensional Trauma Healer, Spiritual Teacher, and Shamanic Medicine Woman. She is certified in Integrative Health, Transformational Breathwork, Yin Yoga, Reiki, Advanced Energy Healing, NLP, and has over 10 years of spiritual study under her belt.

Tanin helps track the source of one’s suffering through pure intuitive awake awareness to reveal the point where consciousness is bound in limitation. That’s where she supports her clients’ healing; to help expand their awareness, raise their states of consciousness, and liberate suffering, limitation, and cycles of patterns. She helps her clients embody safety, grounding, deep spiritual wisdom, and the expansion of their most authentic Soul expression.




High levels of consciousness within themselves are capable of healing, transforming, and enlightening others. The value of healing our negative emotions is that by letting go of the blocks to love, our capacity to love increases progressively, and loving energy has the capacity to heal ourselves, others, and the world in profound ways.

Love is the silent power that inspires heals, uplifts, encourages, and improves everything. As we are motivated by love, if love is what moves us, then everything we touch and everywhere we go and everyone we meet will be made better because of what we have become as a loving person. To love any single piece of life is to love all of life, for everything is interconnected.

& because Love is a radiation within the interconnected energy of the universe, which is nonlocal and nonlinear, we make an impact wherever we are, no matter what we’re doing.

We change the world not by what we say or do,

we change the world as a consequence

of who we have become.

-Dr. David R. Hawkins

Illuminated Healer

live a life of miracles

Through The Energetic Revolution, it's possible for you to become certified as a Trauma-Informed Spiritual Healer... what I like to call an illuminated Healer

Illuminated healers are those who have the power to heal because of the openness of their channel, the precision of their conscious awareness tracking, and the intense vibration that they radiate.


NOTE: Some people come into this program because they want to become certified coaches & healers... others desire to go through this to experience freedom within themselves.

This experience will profoundly serve anyone with a heartbeat...


...what you choose to do with this wisdom is your Soul's unique evolution.










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