Do you feel called to dive deep into your spiritual journey to align with yourself, your intuition, and your life purpose?

I've created a 1:1 container for those who are ready to elevate their conscious awareness, regulate their nervous systems, align with a sense of purpose, and expand their capacity to achieve their dreams.





This is for you if you feel called to...

  • Elevate and stabilize your energy at higher levels of consciousness (love, joy, peace).
  • Understand the protective survival strategies that you’ve developed since birth that come online when you feel overwhelmed.
  • Develop tools to create sustainable change in yourself from a place of power versus forcing outcomes.
  • Move beyond the limitations of the known world and begin to create miracles from the unknown
  • Have the power to identify and resolve your inner blocks, discover how you got stuck, and learn how to set yourself free
  •  Activate your inborn mechanism of self-healing, self-awareness, and inner evolution within the human psyche.
  • Have support as you navigate the traumas that arise in your spiritual awakening.
  • Gain conscious awareness of levels of energy that allow you to transcend your physical senses.
  • Understand the psychology of how energy flows through the body and how to open and activate your energy centers.
  • Become a vessel of transformation, healing, and abundance for yourself and others in your life just from your being


spiritual business coach


  • This is for the conscious entrepreneur who feels called to uplevel their emotional intelligence, manifest greater abundance through conscious awareness techniques, and strategize a life that feels aligned with them on a deep soul level.

  • You can be just starting your business or an expert in your field - this container is designed to get you soulfully aligned within yourself and your business

What is possible here?

Business Offer Creation. Sales Strategy. Marketing Strategy. Branding. Content Creation Training. Emotional Intelligence Activations. Nervous System Awareness & Regulation. Conscious Mindset Training. Conscious Awareness Practices. Embodiment. Empowerment. Awaken Psychic Gifts. Strengthen your intuition. Develop your Energetic Awareness. Manifesting some epic sh*t in your life.

Melissa Thomas

Working with Tanin changed my entire life. I started working with her as a burnt out, overworked business owner feeling like I needed to hustle, wanting to take my business to the next level to achieve even more. Tanin lovingly guided me back to my true purpose in this lifetime, and as a result I started a new, SOUL-ALIGNED business.
She helped me uncover my healing gifts so that I can coach women and make a massive impact in the world. Together we did deep, transformational work through transforming limiting beliefs blocking me from my deepest desires, trauma healing, and emotional freedom.
As a result, my relationship and trust in myself and Source is stronger than it's ever been. I'm in alignment with my soul's purpose, doing work that lights me up and supports me financially.
I am forever grateful for her presence, safety, guidance, and support she holds in her sacred containers. Being her client has been the best thing I've ever done for my soul AND my business.

I highly recommend working with Tanin if you are ready to take your business to the next level and make quantum shifts that will change your life!

Emily Michiyo

Tanin was the first person I ever had look directly into my soul. I’d never had someone speak beautifully about me, tell me I was more than what I had been. More than who I had been. Capable of anything, and deserving of it, too. I was truly loved, held, supported, and seen for the first time in my life.
In our time working together I became a completely different person. I moved through so much--shifted so much, healed so much. I learned about trauma, learned about limiting beliefs, blockages, awareness, energy, spirituality, channeling, tarot, all of it. Through her, I discovered my passions. Through her, I found my soul’s true calling.
I have since become a coach myself, launched my own business, left a toxic relationship, left a job that made me miserable, opened up my spiritual gifts, embraced my soul’s mission, and feel truly happy and confident for the first time in my life. 
Truly, working with her changed my life. Even though our program was only 6 months, I have felt empowered far beyond that to create and sustain meaningful changes--to embody joy and gratitude for the journey. To embrace what it is to be human, in all of its beauty and darkness.
I could honestly not recommend working with her more.